Ted Howard Stockmanship

My life has always revolved around the horse.  I hold a deep respect for the horse and have always made my living with one.  As a teenager, I trained and rode race horses on recognized and bush tracks.  Eventually my size prohibited my jockey career, and I started working in the feedlot.  My twelve years riding pens allowed me to recognize the importance of the horse in relationship to the handling of cattle.

In 1980 I decided to train and shoe horses full time.  This period in my life gave me the chance to fine tune my training methods and horsemanship principles.  After fifteen years of training and shoeing I found myself owning and operating Ted’s Boot Repair and Tack shop in Oakley, KS.  I enjoyed resoling boots and fixing saddles while I continued to train horses for myself.  During a portion of this time I owned and operated a cow/calf operation.  Running cattle on grass and in stock fields allowed me to use stockmanship principles in an environment different from the feed yard.

I was offered the opportunity, in 2013, to consult with Production Animal Consultant’s  Animal Stewardship division.  By specializing in horsemanship, I can help others utilize the horse to become better stockmen in the feed yard industry.  I have appreciated not only working with the PAC members, but also the hard working men and women in the feed yards.  I have since then expanded my business into working with feed yards through a relationship with Merck.

When I’m not riding a horse for work, I’m team roping.  Team roping has always been a way for me to take my horses’ abilities to a higher level.  I enjoy competing in local jackpots, USTRC and World Series events.

Last, but certainly not least, my family is very important to me.  My daughter, Dr. Kristy Booker and her husband Jason own and operate the Oakley Veterinary Clinic in Oakley, KS.  They have blessed me with two beautiful granddaughters, Liberty and Justice.  My wife, Darcy, and I stay busy following my stepson, JD Draper in all of his rodeo endeavors.  I am very fortunate.